Geothermal project Noordland - Kapittelland

Geothermal project Noordland - Kapittelland is a sustainable energy project for greenhouse horticulture in the municipality of Westland. The plan is to make a drill up to 7 kilometers deep and, generate heat according to Enhanced Geothermal Systems technology (EGS). This technique is also known as Hot Dry Rock technology (HDR).
The energy yield of the geothermal source is 100 MWh, distributed to customers with a temperature range of 100 ° Celsius feed and 40 ° Celsius return.

The project is divided into 2 phases. Phase 1 involves connecting the full service customers. These are the customers who provide 100% of their energy needs and thus can disconnect their current power supply. It concerns 28 companies around well to be realized along the Noordlandseweg in 's Gravenzande.
The purpose of this is to completely replace the use of fossil fuels to heat at least 97.5 hectares of greenhouses.
The second phase is connecting customers to whih overcapacity of the energy can be sold, without a 100% delivery guarantee.

Role Horti-Cultura at Geothermal Project Noordland – Kapittelland:
Design distribution network.

On behalf of the project group Aardwarmte Noordland Kapittelland, we have designed a distribution network for the full service connections, with technical support to the "front door" of the breeder.

The pipeline is designed as a so-called "common carrier" ring line where the net is open for heat extraction and heat transfer.
In order to increase resource utilization, especially in the summer months, more companies can be connected, which will be supplied on availability. It is also easier to adjust future heat supply from Rotterdam port.

Various assumptions and questions have been mapped, in terms of route, flow and diameter, disconnection companies, peak load, buffers, trace, delivery reliability and backup.

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